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  • Sunday, October 01, 2006

    as the title goes, I'm happy! because finally there is a spree for a bag i wanted the other time, after 2 months long waiting. To me, it seems more then just 2 months. Was regretting about not buying the bag just yesterday and when i came home, I saw the spree! It was a dream come true.. hehe.. Deciding whether to get the bag because it might cause me to go broke again. monday, gonna show hm the bag picture, since she going to use the school computer. =) If that is true, i will be broke for twice this month! haha... It's not a possible thing, but i was almost broke, leaving like few dollers left to last me for the last two weeks before my dad pass me my salery. Luckily, items from other spree came, so as i gave it out to friends and my sister, they return me the money.. so now i'm financially secured.. haha.. The bag cost $31 but i think its worth it.. Of many bags i saw, many can't be compared to this bag, in terms of price and design.. hehe..

    Warning: do not, i repeat DO not! go mac in terminal 2 to study.
    Yesterday went terminal 2, mac to study with pris. We were both quite full so we each had a strawberry sundae. (recently i have been eating very little cause easily full) The table next to us had 3 kids of primary school age? but they ate lots! thanks to the new promotion mac has, i think. Buy one meal and get a free burger or desert coupons. Anyway, we were studying then suddenly their manager came. She looked at us, and talk so softly we both couldn't even hear. To me, i thought she felt depress or disappointed that we betrayed her or something. But! i have never seen her before. I said huh? with a blur look cause seriously not sure what she talking. Then she look to me and say something like there is no studying allowed here, can't you see the sign, pointing my back direction. So i said ok, and looked back. Guess what! i think i saw a piece of white paper pasted on the wall with black and red words on it. The paper was so small! just a A4 size paper. And i was sitting at the furthest end of mac, how on earth could i have seen the paper! Even if i sit near the paper, i don't think i will even notice it. Anyway, i still don't know if that paper was the "sign" cause i didn't check it out.. why bother.. Luckily, we only ate 2 sundaes, imagine if we had eatten a meal, when we were full and after that meal, they told us to get lost.. looking around when we were leaving, there were still people studying and she had to pick us.. How "lucky" can i get.. If she wanted us to just go, she could have just told us to go but her tone and expression.. haiz.. a manager as well.. They could have placed the "sign" at the front entrance and at some other places as well. If not, i feel she had no right to place the blame on us, like we saw the sign and still studied.. we not so thick skin, k..

    anyway, we moved to burger king at terminal 1, cause starbucks and burger king at terminal 2 were packed with people. Good old burger king, never fails me.. haha.. although it was very packed but we managed to find a seat.. Had to get a meal, cause more cheaper. In the end ate my burger for 45 mins? and my pie for ah.. 45 mins also? haha.. my stomach was so full, so i ate slowly.. I think i'm getting used to eatting so slowly already.. the other time my stomach full and i ate my burger for around 30 mins.. haha.. saw chris at burger king also.. studying? or talking? haha..

    i think the school thinks we are superman and women. Giving us many many many things to do and aspect it all to be completed asap. Leaving little or no space at all for our own revision.. Perhaps it is to let us practice as much as possible. Just hope i don't space out too often, time wasting you know.. hehe.. going to eat breakfast le.. hungry =)

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