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  • Sunday, October 08, 2006

    24 more days.. seems long huh.... but now i realise its short.. veri veri short.. why? caz recently never really study so got lots of revision to do.. i very scare of my general paper.. even if i get AAA for the rest of the subjects.. general paper i get C or D also not much use.. although i know that now NUS you get C6 don't need take english le.. but.. haha.. duno la.. prelims got E8.. then my teacher say.. people only can improve 3 levels.. so.. a lvl is.. C5? aBit more then B4 le.. then alot more then B3.. haha.. i think.. must concentrate on my general paper also bah... i think i have been doing physics alot last week.. just had that feeling to do.. hahaa.. then also slack alot.. hhaa.. ok.. i need to update my timetable le.. or not i will be in deep trouble.. hhaa..

    haze lvl was up yesterday afternoon to PSI: 150? haha.. 50 more to school holiday.. I very bad hor.. wanna it go higher to 200 though i know that there will be severe consequence for those especially having lung problems.. but what to do.. don't wanna go school.. hehe.. Yesterday also found out that there are 506 hotspots in Indonesia.. It's like.. wt... the last time i found out it was onli like 170+ and i thought its alot le! but now.. 500+... crazy la.. WHAT IS INDONESIA DOING! my dad told mi indonesia forest very dense de.. that time got helicopter go fly over the forest.. then 15 mins later still seeing the forest.. hhaa.. dense and wide.. i think will affect the ozone layer bah.. now the gap in the ozone layer is already causing alot of problems.. and now this.. thanks ah..

    todae the weather looks nt bad le.. as in quite clear.. guess there will be school on monday.. sad huh.. haha..

    |8:09 AM|

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