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  • Tuesday, September 26, 2006

    What to expect from my results when i never really put in much effort? haha.. well.. my econs was expectedly bad... although haven get back paper 2 yet, but think i roughly know what i will get le.. then my math and physics, can say, surprisely nt bad.. but its nt good either.. what am i talking?! hhaa..

    suddenly i feel sad, abit worthless and stupid, but mostly regretting. Regretting the times before prelims which i should have studied, regretting perhaps i was too complacent with my ACC for common test, regretting that i know many things but actually none.. haha.. i can only regret now for what i have done for my prelims. Seriously i'm sort of disappointed with myself, it seems like i reach my limit, but there are so much things i don't know and so much things i need to practice. I know i will be getting marks worser then my common test and i don't know how to face mr lim at all.. i like never really concentrated on my econs... forget it.. i can only regret for my prelims and nag about it or feel sorry for myself.. but i will not! cause i think i really need to buck up le.. let this be a lesson for me, an impt lesson that i shd not slack anymore.. i shd spend my time usefully, and not stare blankly into the computer screen..

    From now, nothing will be enough except if i complete what i wanted to do on that day.. although it will be difficult and tough, but i hav to try... haha.. and that means blogging less as well i guess.. =) so much for my new blog right.. haha.. hope it all works out in the end..

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