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  • Monday, September 25, 2006

    Tomorrow will be the day when reality strikes back, when you know you have alot of things needed to be done but there is lack of time, when you know you will do badly and reality shows it but you just hope that everything will be okey and you will pass, when you hope that there will be the biggest miracle that your A level can get great grades, when ........ etc.. unless of course you don't care about your grades.

    For me, i know that i will do badly for this time, worst then my common test, but there is something in me that hopes that i can get marks better then my common test or at least sustain at ACC. I can only hope.. Tomorrow i will be getting back my physics paper 3 and economics paper 1, and many other as well. I hope that i can pass both, dare not think too highly cause i know that i pass already very good already, think will fail bah.. oh well.. we'll see.. i don't dare say i will fail very badly, later something weird happen again.. but i know i never put in all my effort.. i'm sad, depressed after the paper especially economics paper 1.. but what can i do except worrying.. No matter what happens i will take it when it comes at mi =) and i guess i just have to push myself harder, do at least some work per day. hehe.. must control myself already, and hope that i have the mood to study..

    So fast more than 1 and a half year has passed. It was so slow in jc1 but in jc2, the clock seems to be moving like a speeding train.. Thinking back, if my dad had not force me to put a jc in my 12 choices, i will not be in tpjc, i will not have such great friends and classmates now, i will not even know them and i will still be in poly year 2, one more year before i receive my diploma. although at first, i did wonder why i put tpjc as first and miraculously got in. hehe.. i had 16, minus 2 bonus marks.. and not all people who had 14 could get in like mi.. so i'm lucky i guess. i did think that it was a wrong choice, maybe i will be better in poly. but now i do not regret about going to tpjc. Although some teachers may not be so good, and they may not really teach. But the friends i have made in this school is more then enough to cover my jc life flaws. Without them, i don't think my jc life would be so great. No matter what happens, i hope that we can be together or at least in contact and go to university together.. maybe even in the same hostal, so can still see each other everyday.. haha.. i never really like to be in a new place or environment.. could never really open myself up to new people, and like for me, its quite difficult to make new friends.. hehe.. but i have been lucky, in secondary school, the first day i remembered slightly was scared as no one in my primary school went into the same secondary school as me even though many place it as their first choice while me, three.. then i became great friend with the first girl i sat with in the first lesson, so much so ppl thought tat me and her were primary school friend.. hehe.. then in jc, i had wendy and jq, then slowly friend with hm and xy and pris, then jean, andrea, pearline, fiona and the class.. so much great memories i had.. i will surely treasure them de.. hehe.. though i have history of forgetting my past, but will try my best to remember it.. hehe..

    the next few days will be tough for me, as i will really have to settle down and study already.. i have to self discipline myself and try to reduce my time in surfing the internet, watching tv and basically day dreaming.. hehe.. as many ppl could say the last 100m in this race, so much try my veri best.. hehe.. i cannot end up like my 2.4km liddat.. though i did better but i could hav done even better.. haha.. beginning run too fast le.. hehe..

    to conclude, i dun think i have regretted things in my life, from birth to now, so i dun wanna regret my a lvl marks also.. hehe.. jia you!

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