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  • Friday, September 15, 2006

    love it! haha.. love high school musicial! Just finish watching the whole show from youtube. Because some amazing person go and upload it. The last few parts were just uploaded 16 hours ago. So I'm really lucky ya. hehe.. So nice and even felt like watching it in the mist of my prelims. Haha.. don't care. =p

    Talking about prelims, i completed ALL my physics paper, math paper 1 and economics paper 3. What can I say.. I tried my best.. haha.. well not all my best cause I know that I should have made full use of my time instead of slacking. hehe.. But few can do that, so I'm not bad already.. *beams* I not sure why I so happy also, maybe cause just finish watching the show, haha. Anyway must go back to my studies already, economics paper 1 and 2 on monday while math paper 2 on tuesday. For my prelims results, I dare not say anything much cause I expect myself not to do well, or maybe do badly. Need to study more in depth instead of just memorizing formulas and seeing answers, hehe. Must tell myself not to care so much when i get back results cause its the A lvl I should be aiming for, and am aiming for.

    So fast time flies, especially when your enjoying yourself or when you are in need of time. What to say, time waits for no one, ya. Anyway, if you want to relax or anything then go watch high school musicial.. haha. Must go do math le.. scare about my probability and p&c and statistics.. okey practically the whole paper.. haha..

    Random thoughts: Want to go cut my hair already, very long and messy and haiz.. dunno.. haha.. just wanna go cut le.. but wont be cutting short.. maybe after A lvl I go try new hair style, until then will be tying up my hair like normal.

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