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  • Wednesday, September 06, 2006

    sunday hnc celebrated candice birthday! sweet 18th le.. had lots of fun there.. to mi i veri seldom see them de.. so veri happy that i went.. ate dinner at fishermans, things order all spicy de.. haha.. but i nt bad le bah.. still can tahan abit.. next time shd try throwing those fire cracker, the stick one into the sea when its dark.. so nice le.. like fire works.. haha..

    think i go out study more productive le.. everytime at home study confirm gt disturbance one.. then like xin bu zai yan.. go out study better for mi i guess.. but abit ma fan.. because not all of my reference books are with me, so at times when i'm not sure how to do or not sure about the concepts, i don't have books to refer to. On the other hand, i got friends to solve my doubts.. hehehe..

    next time after test, I shall stop myself from saying what i feel, because usually i will be awful (never really study at some times, or study already still don't know how to do then anyhow do), but then in the end my marks prove me otherwise. SO ironic. Am shocked esp. my recent math test. I was so confirm that will die de.. caz dunno how to do then anyhow fill in.. when there is some things i think can write in then just write in. okey.. here i go again.. haiz.. I don't know if i should be happy or not.. but i'm definately not proud. Its unfair i guess, for those who really studied. There is alot of improvements for me, esp. in studying. Think I have not really get into my drive yet bah.

    Prelims coming in like 4 days, and i'm so not prepared. Did my math notes and it took me 3 to 4 days, such a waste of time but hope it helps.. =) anyway i just managed to complete my non-statistics topics. Think i'm sleeping alot also, each day like 8 hours of sleep? haha.. too much.. last time 3 to 4 hours only. now i think i concentrate alot better in the morning then at night. nOt sure why also, but recently i'm veri tired in the night. then quite awake in the morning. like now..

    need to go and study le.. got math remedar later and i haven do the math 2005 paper 2 and vectors assignments yet.. =/ maybe just chiong at 11pm bah.. caz now no mood.. haha..

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