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  • Thursday, August 17, 2006

    I moved my bed out of my room! haha.. so no disturbance le.. i hope =x

    days to prelims and a lvl are like passing so fast! then like no time, no time! (adding stress to me self or not i will not feel any stress de.. haha "weird") so.. must start studying le! others could say "this mugger.. mug so hard then still say must start studying le" but they dunno i stop for very long.. watch vcd, dvd etc.. wad to do.. mi marks always prove me otherwise.. and i dun like the word mugger also.. dunno why.. like i dun like the word engineering.. hehe.. weird me huh.. so.. gonna announce to the world that i'm starting to realli study le.. haha..

    todae had physics and econs test.. think will die le.. dunno how to do.. then jus anyhow use formula.. people could be thinking "yeah rite, pat confirm pass one"... haha.. sometimes i dun get it le.. if hav no confident means realli no confident.. then when i pass like so coincident? or the nt correct method then anyhow pass one.. but a pass is still a pass so cannot blame them bah.. thinkin back.. i also gt times liddat.. when ppl say confirm fail.. then i will like say "where gt.. wont one.. u so good..." haha.. so familiar rite.. caz was encouraging them.. many a times.. people are good but they don't recognise or don't want to recognise it.. ( sometimes without me knowing i like dun wanna recognise also.. haha ) but i think hor.. they must be so piss with mi at that time also.. haha.. so now.. i know le! when ppl say confirm fail one.. then i think at most i say next time do ur best? liddat think they wont get piss off bah.. hehe..

    todae tried to sleep in the afternoon but cannot sia.. tomor think go sch will blur blur one de bah.. caz i'm still quite awake now.. hmm.. so many hw etc.. how to revise ma.. then i do hw everytime take so long de.. haiz.. dunno wad to do.. like so lost.. maybe next time afternoon go home do hw? then at nite revise? haha.. duno la.. see how..

    Think below the 3 quotes are very important..

    Linus's 3 golden rules:
    Number One: "Do unto others as you'll always want them to do unto you."
    Number Two: "Be proud of what you do."
    Number Three: "And have fun doing it."

    especially the number one golden rule.. have always tried to do what rule number one is, and will always be trying.. at times i could be very unbearable.. so if i'm like that.. you must tell me or not i will not know it myself.. i don't mind people telling me my faults so i can learn from it..

    seriously hope that for those who are depress or feel like they cannot make it.. dun stop now.. its like u strive so hard to get here.. at this point of time.. 74 days to a lvl.. i know saying is so opposite of doing.. its hard.. but if we dun try our best.. we will feel even worst when we get our results.. when we do our best, no matter wad results given to u, you will still feel sad if its bad.. but in ur heart u know tat u tried your best.. that's the most impt thing abt education rite.. to try ur best.. although in singapore.. so irritating, certificate is so impt! (all the more u shd try ur best in a lvl) i think the process of learning is also a impt one bah.. we shd hav "fun doing it" (remember.. tat LInus number 3 golden rule.. haha) i dunno how we gonna do it... but each and everyone hav one mtd bah..

    so instead of wasting ur time by saying no time, or i dun understand, or dunno how to do, and feeling bad abt urself for nt doing anything (abit like me! felt so horrible.. for sleeping when i shd be studyin for phy test.. the one i said earlier i think i fail le.. hehe... then at pe time when the volley ball teacher say run the field twice... i so happy.. caz can run my anger out.. so i decided to run fast fast.. haha.. crazy rite.. but it realli helps le.. haha)
    we shd use the remaining time to do recap our stuff and do more practices! haha..

    ok.. "lecture" finish le.. haha.. so sorri if u find the last 2 para so boring.. and nagging.. =) need to go do hw le.. gt lots of hw haven do.. thx to mi econs and phy test.. haha..

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