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  • Sunday, August 27, 2006

    I shall now use proper English when typing in my blog. Why? It's because I can't be writing "la, lor, haha, ya lor" in my general paper, so this will be my form of practice. Perhaps I will add in some "chim" (opps. difficult) words as well. =)

    As the days go by, the stress accumulated by everyone gets larger. This is an explicit observation as the moods changing easily and many more. To know how many days left before prelims or A levels will exacerbate the issue. We are inundate by the large amount of stress we have. HAHA! I'm not sure if my above few sentences are grammatically correct, but I'm trying my best! =p Maybe it's just me but I can sense the urgency around us. Or perhaps it's the teachers that are more stressed then us. Hehe. Sometimes, I will wonder what am I doing here, or where will I be going? Many a times, I will be thinking what on earth am I doing, slacking, sleeping, day dreaming, doing everything and anything except for studying. Or maybe how can I improve further? I don't know it I am revising correctly? Other times if I'm studying, I wonder if I'm actually wasting my time doing useless things that will not help me! Then what can actually help me? In fact, I think I ask too much questions to myself. And the worst thing is, there are no answers to it. Perhaps now I'm feeling the stress, is this good? When I think I feel troubled, like the whole worlds collapsing. However if I'm not thinking, I feel relax, happy, not stress or not bothered by anything. To conclude: I'm thinking too much! Haha.. I'm scared that I might break down. I'm scared that I'm sleeping too much. (what is too much?!) I'm scared that my A levels would not do well (do wouldn't). I'm scared that I never do enough (what is enough?!) There are so many open ended questions to be answered but I know that nobody holds the answers.

    In life, what do we do except studying, working, sleeping, watching tv. Without a purpose, our life will be as dull as ever. For eg. My purpose for A levels is to go to university to get into a business course. My purpose for the business course is to work in the business industry. My purpose for the business industry is to earn a lot of money and enjoy life. IS that it? Just to earn money? In the world, we need money for survival. However because of this money, we end up hurting ourselves so much more. This is a hurdler we must go over. If not, we would have wasted 2 years of our life. Wasted everything, except that we have made wonderful friends. Friends that we know will be there for us. I don’t know why I'm blogging this. It's boring to hear about my nagging, I know. Perhaps after this, I will not think so much and spent my time studying. Perhaps after this, I will be awakening from a bad dream and start afresh. Perhaps after this, there will be a miracle that everyone will get to university. Perhaps after this, I can get my answers. Perhaps after this, I will not have any more perhaps.

    This will be my last post which will contain my misery, for I don't want to be this way anymore. It hard, troublesome and makes me sad. I want to be content with what I do each day. I want to be happy no matter what happens. I’m going to try my best now. And I hope I can juggle my time with friends, family and my studies. This is my one and only try. If I managed it, I will soar to the sky. If not.. (there will not be a if not!)

    I pray that I have the strength to carry on, guide and encourage those around me. To be there when they need me, and to bring joy to all. Amen.

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