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Saturday, August 12, 2006

My refreshed blog! haha.. had an urge to blog with a new blog site.. so jus did one fast.. haha.. you might think i'm crazy.. like so much time liddat.. haha.. dun care.. feel like bloggin now.. =p

i will still crap abt mi life in my new blog.. but will also write new stuff too.. haha.. i will try to update this as much as possible.. think will be like my memorise of my life just before the a lvl bah.. haha..chose this blog picture caz look abit like mi.. haha (rubbish!).. free tat its quite plain and abt sch de bah.. most of all is its blue! haha.. ok..

The mood now is different.. can see a change esp. in class... ppl are realli concentrating on studyin.. (which is veri gd! haha).. and how to say le.. abit scary bah.. haha.. but ya.. feel happy for them.. now like comin to a lvl le.. lets see.. 28 days to promos and 81 days to a lvl.. (thinkin i'm mad that i counted.. but nope! i copy frm somewhere de.. =p) so ya.. the days are abt liddat.. everyday see one day go pass.. and like so fast a lvl.. veri scary.. like no time no time!.. but i still dun feel the stress.. must be thinkin i crazy rite.. but its the truth! maybe i know i hav little time left.. but mi body nt responding bah.. abit jet lack.. haha..

new blog so quite endu.. keep hahaing.. ok.. i'm mad..

later maybe gt vocab test.. like 250 or was it 450 words? of chim chim one lei.. dunno whether still hav anot.. hope not.. caz haven memorise yet.. i hav like onli 1 and a half hrs.. haha.. die le.. =/

to those takin a lvl like mi.. jus wish u guys the best.. and must study le! liddat like already last min.. but study now better then nth.. haha.. esp. to mi class mates.. we can do it de! all so smart tat why can go jc.. so must jia you! =)

end of here le.. mi vocab test remember.. haha..

|5:30 PM|

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