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  • Sunday, October 08, 2006

    24 more days.. seems long huh.... but now i realise its short.. veri veri short.. why? caz recently never really study so got lots of revision to do.. i very scare of my general paper.. even if i get AAA for the rest of the subjects.. general paper i get C or D also not much use.. although i know that now NUS you get C6 don't need take english le.. but.. haha.. duno la.. prelims got E8.. then my teacher say.. people only can improve 3 levels.. so.. a lvl is.. C5? aBit more then B4 le.. then alot more then B3.. haha.. i think.. must concentrate on my general paper also bah... i think i have been doing physics alot last week.. just had that feeling to do.. hahaa.. then also slack alot.. hhaa.. ok.. i need to update my timetable le.. or not i will be in deep trouble.. hhaa..

    haze lvl was up yesterday afternoon to PSI: 150? haha.. 50 more to school holiday.. I very bad hor.. wanna it go higher to 200 though i know that there will be severe consequence for those especially having lung problems.. but what to do.. don't wanna go school.. hehe.. Yesterday also found out that there are 506 hotspots in Indonesia.. It's like.. wt... the last time i found out it was onli like 170+ and i thought its alot le! but now.. 500+... crazy la.. WHAT IS INDONESIA DOING! my dad told mi indonesia forest very dense de.. that time got helicopter go fly over the forest.. then 15 mins later still seeing the forest.. hhaa.. dense and wide.. i think will affect the ozone layer bah.. now the gap in the ozone layer is already causing alot of problems.. and now this.. thanks ah..

    todae the weather looks nt bad le.. as in quite clear.. guess there will be school on monday.. sad huh.. haha..

    |8:09 AM|

    Sunday, October 01, 2006

    as the title goes, I'm happy! because finally there is a spree for a bag i wanted the other time, after 2 months long waiting. To me, it seems more then just 2 months. Was regretting about not buying the bag just yesterday and when i came home, I saw the spree! It was a dream come true.. hehe.. Deciding whether to get the bag because it might cause me to go broke again. monday, gonna show hm the bag picture, since she going to use the school computer. =) If that is true, i will be broke for twice this month! haha... It's not a possible thing, but i was almost broke, leaving like few dollers left to last me for the last two weeks before my dad pass me my salery. Luckily, items from other spree came, so as i gave it out to friends and my sister, they return me the money.. so now i'm financially secured.. haha.. The bag cost $31 but i think its worth it.. Of many bags i saw, many can't be compared to this bag, in terms of price and design.. hehe..

    Warning: do not, i repeat DO not! go mac in terminal 2 to study.
    Yesterday went terminal 2, mac to study with pris. We were both quite full so we each had a strawberry sundae. (recently i have been eating very little cause easily full) The table next to us had 3 kids of primary school age? but they ate lots! thanks to the new promotion mac has, i think. Buy one meal and get a free burger or desert coupons. Anyway, we were studying then suddenly their manager came. She looked at us, and talk so softly we both couldn't even hear. To me, i thought she felt depress or disappointed that we betrayed her or something. But! i have never seen her before. I said huh? with a blur look cause seriously not sure what she talking. Then she look to me and say something like there is no studying allowed here, can't you see the sign, pointing my back direction. So i said ok, and looked back. Guess what! i think i saw a piece of white paper pasted on the wall with black and red words on it. The paper was so small! just a A4 size paper. And i was sitting at the furthest end of mac, how on earth could i have seen the paper! Even if i sit near the paper, i don't think i will even notice it. Anyway, i still don't know if that paper was the "sign" cause i didn't check it out.. why bother.. Luckily, we only ate 2 sundaes, imagine if we had eatten a meal, when we were full and after that meal, they told us to get lost.. looking around when we were leaving, there were still people studying and she had to pick us.. How "lucky" can i get.. If she wanted us to just go, she could have just told us to go but her tone and expression.. haiz.. a manager as well.. They could have placed the "sign" at the front entrance and at some other places as well. If not, i feel she had no right to place the blame on us, like we saw the sign and still studied.. we not so thick skin, k..

    anyway, we moved to burger king at terminal 1, cause starbucks and burger king at terminal 2 were packed with people. Good old burger king, never fails me.. haha.. although it was very packed but we managed to find a seat.. Had to get a meal, cause more cheaper. In the end ate my burger for 45 mins? and my pie for ah.. 45 mins also? haha.. my stomach was so full, so i ate slowly.. I think i'm getting used to eatting so slowly already.. the other time my stomach full and i ate my burger for around 30 mins.. haha.. saw chris at burger king also.. studying? or talking? haha..

    i think the school thinks we are superman and women. Giving us many many many things to do and aspect it all to be completed asap. Leaving little or no space at all for our own revision.. Perhaps it is to let us practice as much as possible. Just hope i don't space out too often, time wasting you know.. hehe.. going to eat breakfast le.. hungry =)

    |9:51 AM|

    Friday, September 29, 2006

    saw this in my e-mail and i think it is very touching.. hehe.. so decided to post it here.. and i guess its so true also...

    A well-known speaker started off his seminar
    by holding up a $20.00 bill.
    In the room of 200, he asked,
    Who would like this $20 bill?"
    Hands started going up.

    He said, "I am going to give this $20 to one of you
    but first, let me do this.
    He proceeded to crumple up the $20 dollar bill.
    He then asked, "Who still wants it?"
    Still the hands were up in the air.

    Well, he replied, "What if I do this?"
    And he dropped it on the ground
    and started to grind it into the floor with his shoe.
    He picked it up, now crumpled and dirty.
    "Now, who still wants it?"
    Still the hands went into the air.

    My friends, we have all learned a very valuable lesson.
    No matter what I did to the money, you still wanted it
    because it did not decrease in value.
    It was still worth $20.

    Many times in our lives,
    we are dropped, crumpled, and ground into the dirt
    by the decisions we make and
    the circumstances that come our way.

    We feel as though we are worthless.
    But no matter what has happened or
    what will happen, you will never lose your value.

    Dirty or clean, crumpled or finely creased,
    you are still priceless to those who DO LOVE you.
    The worth of our lives comes not in what we do or who
    We know,
    but by WHO WE ARE.
    You are special- Don't EVER forget it."

    |10:30 PM|

    Tuesday, September 26, 2006

    What to expect from my results when i never really put in much effort? haha.. well.. my econs was expectedly bad... although haven get back paper 2 yet, but think i roughly know what i will get le.. then my math and physics, can say, surprisely nt bad.. but its nt good either.. what am i talking?! hhaa..

    suddenly i feel sad, abit worthless and stupid, but mostly regretting. Regretting the times before prelims which i should have studied, regretting perhaps i was too complacent with my ACC for common test, regretting that i know many things but actually none.. haha.. i can only regret now for what i have done for my prelims. Seriously i'm sort of disappointed with myself, it seems like i reach my limit, but there are so much things i don't know and so much things i need to practice. I know i will be getting marks worser then my common test and i don't know how to face mr lim at all.. i like never really concentrated on my econs... forget it.. i can only regret for my prelims and nag about it or feel sorry for myself.. but i will not! cause i think i really need to buck up le.. let this be a lesson for me, an impt lesson that i shd not slack anymore.. i shd spend my time usefully, and not stare blankly into the computer screen..

    From now, nothing will be enough except if i complete what i wanted to do on that day.. although it will be difficult and tough, but i hav to try... haha.. and that means blogging less as well i guess.. =) so much for my new blog right.. haha.. hope it all works out in the end..

    |9:37 PM|

    Monday, September 25, 2006

    Tomorrow will be the day when reality strikes back, when you know you have alot of things needed to be done but there is lack of time, when you know you will do badly and reality shows it but you just hope that everything will be okey and you will pass, when you hope that there will be the biggest miracle that your A level can get great grades, when ........ etc.. unless of course you don't care about your grades.

    For me, i know that i will do badly for this time, worst then my common test, but there is something in me that hopes that i can get marks better then my common test or at least sustain at ACC. I can only hope.. Tomorrow i will be getting back my physics paper 3 and economics paper 1, and many other as well. I hope that i can pass both, dare not think too highly cause i know that i pass already very good already, think will fail bah.. oh well.. we'll see.. i don't dare say i will fail very badly, later something weird happen again.. but i know i never put in all my effort.. i'm sad, depressed after the paper especially economics paper 1.. but what can i do except worrying.. No matter what happens i will take it when it comes at mi =) and i guess i just have to push myself harder, do at least some work per day. hehe.. must control myself already, and hope that i have the mood to study..

    So fast more than 1 and a half year has passed. It was so slow in jc1 but in jc2, the clock seems to be moving like a speeding train.. Thinking back, if my dad had not force me to put a jc in my 12 choices, i will not be in tpjc, i will not have such great friends and classmates now, i will not even know them and i will still be in poly year 2, one more year before i receive my diploma. although at first, i did wonder why i put tpjc as first and miraculously got in. hehe.. i had 16, minus 2 bonus marks.. and not all people who had 14 could get in like mi.. so i'm lucky i guess. i did think that it was a wrong choice, maybe i will be better in poly. but now i do not regret about going to tpjc. Although some teachers may not be so good, and they may not really teach. But the friends i have made in this school is more then enough to cover my jc life flaws. Without them, i don't think my jc life would be so great. No matter what happens, i hope that we can be together or at least in contact and go to university together.. maybe even in the same hostal, so can still see each other everyday.. haha.. i never really like to be in a new place or environment.. could never really open myself up to new people, and like for me, its quite difficult to make new friends.. hehe.. but i have been lucky, in secondary school, the first day i remembered slightly was scared as no one in my primary school went into the same secondary school as me even though many place it as their first choice while me, three.. then i became great friend with the first girl i sat with in the first lesson, so much so ppl thought tat me and her were primary school friend.. hehe.. then in jc, i had wendy and jq, then slowly friend with hm and xy and pris, then jean, andrea, pearline, fiona and the class.. so much great memories i had.. i will surely treasure them de.. hehe.. though i have history of forgetting my past, but will try my best to remember it.. hehe..

    the next few days will be tough for me, as i will really have to settle down and study already.. i have to self discipline myself and try to reduce my time in surfing the internet, watching tv and basically day dreaming.. hehe.. as many ppl could say the last 100m in this race, so much try my veri best.. hehe.. i cannot end up like my 2.4km liddat.. though i did better but i could hav done even better.. haha.. beginning run too fast le.. hehe..

    to conclude, i dun think i have regretted things in my life, from birth to now, so i dun wanna regret my a lvl marks also.. hehe.. jia you!

    |12:02 AM|

    Sunday, September 17, 2006

    yesterday i was infront of the tv from 11.30pm to about 2 pm? haha.. cause the shows were nice and meaningful. Missed the first part of family man but nevertheless was still not bad, think saturday night movie shows are nice and close to heart shows.

    The family man (stars Nicolas Cage and Don Cheadle)
    A modern-day Frank Capra story. Jack Campbell, a successful and talented businessman, is happily living his single life. He has everything, or so he thinks. One day he wakes up in a new life where he didn't leave his college girlfriend for a London trip. He's married to Kate, lives in Jersey and has two kids. He, of course, desperately wants his life back for which he has worked 13 years for. He's president of P. K. Lassiter Investment House and not a tire salesman at Big Ed's. He drives a Ferrari and not a mini-van that never starts. And most importantly he doesn't wake up in the morning with kids jumping on the bed. After a bad start, day by day he's more confident in his new life and starts to see what he's been missing. Turns out money's good to have but that's not everything.

    Then after that watch DA Angel. Read the comic book before and love it if I'm not wrong but did not managed to finish it. Maybe because I got into tpjc then I did not want to continue my comic craze, not till after my A levels. haha.. so after my A levels, I shall be reading comics and watching vcd every single day till I'm tired of it.. haha... Anyway, the DN angel show was just as nice. Damn, recently there is Shaman king and now there is going to be Inuyasha the continued parts that central have not shown yet.. if I'm not wrong they starting at episode 50 something. Ah! all the shows I want to see then now have, so sianz.. Cannot must concentrate on A levels 45 days only. haha.. anyway, after A levels my dad say he give me money go buy whatever vcds I want.. haha. but got limited cash still not bad already.. hehe.. then there's youtube also.. lost the website where I can download from youtube but when I'm free then maybe I go find the website again.

    After DN Angel, I watched a chinese cinema show, My Dad is a Jerk. Actually in the beginning I thought this show like abit rubbish liddat. haha.. but then after watching the whole show its quite touching also. A carefree man changed to become more responsible because of his son. The son quite cute also.. haha.. This time round again never watch the beginning cause of DN angel. but nevermind I still can understand.

    In the midst of promos, I'm still watching tv.. haha.. actually have finally gotten rid of this habit of infront of the tv everyday from 5pm to 2pm, but the shows too nice le.. so allow myself this time.. haha.. was so awake also.. if i could be like this so awake when studying then good le.. econs tomorrow and math on tues then I'm free! for now.. haha.. going haircut on tues and gym also.. haha..

    recently (okey, maybe not so recent) I was introduced to online shopping by zy. Not those where I order straight from the supplier but those where is other people organised de then I order through them, then they consolidate all orders and order from the supplier so sort of through middle man bah.. Still beginner at first just brought earrings, braclets small stuff.. then now more brave already brought dress and shirts.. though the dress and shirt haven come yet but so excited.. haha.. I at home no dress de.. so anyhow chose a size.. haa.. S M L nia.. so quite easy bah.. hope it comes soon and everytime will be fine.. =)

    |9:44 AM|

    Friday, September 15, 2006

    love it! haha.. love high school musicial! Just finish watching the whole show from youtube. Because some amazing person go and upload it. The last few parts were just uploaded 16 hours ago. So I'm really lucky ya. hehe.. So nice and even felt like watching it in the mist of my prelims. Haha.. don't care. =p

    Talking about prelims, i completed ALL my physics paper, math paper 1 and economics paper 3. What can I say.. I tried my best.. haha.. well not all my best cause I know that I should have made full use of my time instead of slacking. hehe.. But few can do that, so I'm not bad already.. *beams* I not sure why I so happy also, maybe cause just finish watching the show, haha. Anyway must go back to my studies already, economics paper 1 and 2 on monday while math paper 2 on tuesday. For my prelims results, I dare not say anything much cause I expect myself not to do well, or maybe do badly. Need to study more in depth instead of just memorizing formulas and seeing answers, hehe. Must tell myself not to care so much when i get back results cause its the A lvl I should be aiming for, and am aiming for.

    So fast time flies, especially when your enjoying yourself or when you are in need of time. What to say, time waits for no one, ya. Anyway, if you want to relax or anything then go watch high school musicial.. haha. Must go do math le.. scare about my probability and p&c and statistics.. okey practically the whole paper.. haha..

    Random thoughts: Want to go cut my hair already, very long and messy and haiz.. dunno.. haha.. just wanna go cut le.. but wont be cutting short.. maybe after A lvl I go try new hair style, until then will be tying up my hair like normal.

    |6:51 PM|